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contract research
The new research facility has given impetus to the focus of SMS to be a top notch contract research service provider. The contract research at SMS involves
Study of synthetic feasibility Selection of synthetic route
Process development and scale up Lead optimization and analogue synthesis
Process Research and Development
The research center is supported by 44,000 Sft of process research and development block
20 individual labs including a dedicated oncology lab with containment facilities
A kilo lab with all glass systems is also established for scaling up products to kilo level after successful completion of the gram batches in labs.
Well-equipped library for literature support.
Continuous research on cost optimization and process improvement for commercialized Products.
Development of non-infringing and cost effective process for products nearing patent expiry
Providing contract research/custom synthesis services to Pharma majors
End-to-end process R&D and API manufacturing capabilities that ensure seamless transfer of know-how and scale, as programs advance from developmental to commercial
The following are our development capabilities which cover different therapeutic categories classes including cytotoxic and high potent compounds, but not limited to.
Anti Ulser Anti Fungal
Anti Migraine Anti Hypertensive
Antipsychotic Antidiabetic
Anticancer cardiovascular
Analytical Research and Development
The research center is supported by 22,000 Sft of analytical development block
A wide range of chromatography and spectroscopic techniques (HPLC, RRLC, GC, FT-IR, UV etc) to meet the requirements of different types of compounds.
Analytical Method development with experimental design and product monograph.
Analytical Method Validation with protocol and report.
Stability-indicating assay and/or related substances methods for drug substance.
Degradation pathway ascertainment with report for regulatory submission.
Other specific methods, like residual solvents, potential genotoxic impurity, enatiomeric separation, counter-ion estimation, solubility profile etc.
Structure elucidation for impurity/degradation product by LC/MS/MS and NMR spectroscopy.
Reference standard characterization with CoA or full characterization report.
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